Stream your favorite tunes with these connected table radios

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Stream your favorite tunes with these connected table radios

These connected Radios hook into an entire universe of audio content and look great doing it.

1. Revo SuperConnect
Best for: Multicultural dabblers

It may look like a ’60s relic, but the Revo’s performance is anything but retro. An excellent wireless speaker packaged with the usual streaming goodies (Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, DLNA), the SuperConnect can also quickly access more than 31,000 internet radio stations. From Brussels boogie to Saigon psych, the selection is staggering. And loud: The 3.5-inch speaker pumps out some serious dBs. | $400

2. Tivoli Audio Model One Digital
Best for: Whole-house broadcasters

Tivoli’s first wood-­bedecked table radio arrived back in 2001, and it was a hit with consumers and critics. Now, the beloved Model One has been fully ushered into the streaming age. In addition to pulling in terrestrial FM signals, this 9-inch boom box can stream TuneIn, Spotify, Tidal, or whatever Bluetooth source you’ve got. Scatter up to 24 matching speakers (each $200 and up) throughout your castle for multiroom streaming. | $300