Planet of Beauty LLC

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Planet of Beauty LLC

Planet of Beauty LLC has been established since 1997 in the field of beauty trading. The company has been delivering excellence in skin care and beauty products over a long period of time. With this, the company assures the costumers that it will continue to strive in this particular area to be at its best in delivering the unique beauty needs of its customer.

True to its commitment, the enormous success of the company entails not only the best products but affordability is likewise to be top of mind in return to the loyalty shown by our customers.

Being one of the leading groups devoted to beauty products, we take great pleasure to introduce ourselves to you, as one of the group company here in the gulf countries. We are the leading suppliers of hair, skin care and beauty equipment with several years of solid experience in this area and that is what we deliver high quality products at a cheaper price without sacrificing the quality originating from renewed manufactures.

In line with our vision “to make beauty products available to all customers to achieve beautiful results and long lasting” that will significantly boost confidence of all of our customers who believe in the company.

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